Zenith MU


Now on: Season 19

Server Time: May 29, 2024
Your Time: May 29, 2024

Server Info
Version Season 18 Part 2-2
Experience 99999x
Drop 90%
Type Play 2 Win
Max Level 400
Max Master Level 1150
Total Max Level 1550
Max Stats 32,767

Server Information

Welcome to Zenith MU

In this page you will find complete information about all server settings, Jewel and Chaos Machine rates, a list of useful commands, point farming methods, boss and event data and a bunch of other useful information.

Zenith MU is one of the newest and most innovative servers in the MU world! The server is completely free, which means you can register, download the game and play your favorite game completely for free!

This project was created by a team of specialists who aim to maintain and update the server for many years to come! That's why we've invested in professional hosting solutions and high-level technology to ensure your good experience.

The server is in speed/fast/fun style. Maximum experience and very high rates. All this allows you to enjoy the game without having to spend sleepless nights playing the game. Every player automatically receives starter gifts and freebies, making it extremely easy for everyone to get started!

The active team of administrators and gamemasters takes care of everything necessary to make all players feel good on a daily basis. Fairplay is a priority for us.

Why to choose Zenith MU?

- Long-term project!
- Always updated to the latest MU Online version! Season 19 coming soon!
- Helpful and active team of admins and game masters!
- Configured and powered by a team of developers with many years of MU experience.
- Hosted in a professional data center with excellent connectivity to the entire world! 24/7 Online!
- Secure infrastructure that ensures the security of your account and everything in it!
- Big International Server! Hundreds of active players in-game at any time of the day!

We hope you will give Zenith MU a try and we guarantee you will love it! If you're looking for a stable and long-term server that will always be here for you for many years to come, then you've come to the right place!

General Information

Server Version Season 19 Part 1-2
Experience 99999x
Master Experience 99999x
Majestic Experience 99999x
Item Drop 100%
Max Level 400
Max Master Level 1200
Total Max Level 1600
Max Stats 32,767
Max Connections per Computer 5

Chaos Machine

Combination Maximum Success Rate
Items +10 100%
Items +11 100%
Items +12 100%
Items +13 100%
Items +14 100%
Items +15 100%
Wings Level 1 100%
Wings Level 2 100%
Wings Level 2.5 100%
Wings Level 3 100%
Wings Level 4 100%
Cape of Lord Mix 100%
Socket Weapon Mix 100%
Fragment of Horn Mix 100%
Broken Horn Mix 100%
Horn of Fenrir Mix 100%
Feather of Condor 100%
Ancient Hero's Soul 100%
Spider Artifact 100%

Jewels Rates

Jewel of Bless 100%
Jewel of Soul 100%
Jewel of Life 100%
Jewel of Harmony 100%
Jewel of Dark Bless 100%
Jewel of Dark Soul 100%
Jewel of Dark Life 100%
Jewel of Excess 100%
Jewel of Luck 100%
Jewel of Science 100%
Jewel of Kundun 100%
Jewel of Kondar 100%
Jewel of Socket 100%


Success Rate +1 100%
Success Rate +2 100%
Success Rate +3 100%
Success Rate +4 100%
Success Rate +5 100%
Success Rate +6 100%
Success Rate +7 100%
Success Rate +8 100%
Success Rate +9 100%
Success Rate +10 100%

Party Bonus Experience

Members Experience Rate
Same Character Classes Different Classes
2 Players EXP% + 2.0% EXP% + 2.2%
3 Players EXP% + 3.0% EXP% + 3.3%
4 Players EXP% + 4.0% EXP% + 4.4%
5 Players EXP% + 5.0% EXP% + 5.5%


/reset Reset your character
/pkclear Clear killer status
/clearinv Clears the items in all of your inventories
/cleareventinv Clears the items in your Event inventory
/marry Allows to propose a marry to other player
/accept Allows to accept marry proposal after usage of above command
/divorce Divorces your character if you are married
/post [message] Sends a message to the whole server
/addstr [points] Adds points to Strength
/addagi [points] Adds points to Agility
/addvit [points] Adds points to Vitality
/addene [points] Adds points to Energy
/addcmd [points] Adds points to Command
/requests [on/off] Enable / disable requests in-game
/whisper [on/off] Enable / disable whisper
/offtrade Activates offline-trade sale in Loren Market. Requires setup of personal store first
/ware [0-3] Switch between your main and additional vaults
/npc Opens up a store where you could buy and sell items without the need to warp to town
/eventinfo Shows event and boss remaining times
/antilag Shows info about the anti lag feature

Client Anti-Lag Commands

Press Shift+1 Hide Wings
Press Shift+2 Reduce Skill Effect
Press Shift+3 Reduce Item Effect
Press Shift+4 Hide Ground Zen
Press Shift+5 Hide ground item
Press Shift+6 Hide Muun Pet
Press Shift+7 Hide Chars and Shadows
Press Shift+8 Hide Skill Effect
Press Shift+9 Reduce item shine to 0
Press Shift+0 Reduce terrain objects

3D Camera Controls

Press F6 Turn on/off
Press F7 Reset position
Press F8 Hide user interface
Hold shift + right mouse button Rotate
Hold shift + mouse scroll Zoom in/out

Reset System

Reset Level 400
Keeps Items Yes
Keeps Stats Yes
Keeps Master Level Yes
Reward 5 WCoins + 200 Goblin Points + 200 Ruud
Reset Command /reset

Grand Reset System

Required Resets 100
Keeps Items Yes
Keeps Stats Yes
Keeps Master Level Yes
Reward 1,000 WCoins

Castle Siege Reward

Guild Master Reward (can be shared) 25,000 WCoins
Assistant Guild Master(s) Reward 10,000 WCoins
Battle Master(s) Reward 6,000 WCoins

Ice Wind Valley Reward

Guild Master Reward 1,000 WCoins + 5,000 Goblin Points
Guild Members Reward 5,000 Goblin Points
Unique Buff All guild members
Unique Rank (Title) Guild master

How to earn Ruud?

Blood Castle Event (1000-6000)
Devil Square Event (1000-3000)
Chaos Castle Event (1000-3000)
Crywolf Event (1500 for heroes, 900 for elf altars)
Red Dragon (70% chance of getting 1000)
Maya Hands - Kanturu (1500)
Dark Elf (50% chance of getting 1500)
Medusa (3000)
Labyrinth Box (500-3000, depending on the box)
Imperial Guardian Event (Varka) (2,500 Ruud)

How to earn WCoins?

Every Restart gives you 10 WCoins
Every Grand Restart gives you 1,000 WCoins
By voting for the server, you can earn WCoins. Check "Vote for WCoins" module in your panel
You can exchange your online time for WCoins. Check "Exchange Hours" module in your panel
Boss Kundun (Kalima 7): 150 WCoins
Boss Erohim (Land of Trials): 150 WCoins
Boss Balgass (Crywolf): 300 WCoins
Boss Nightmare (Kanturu): 150 WCoins
Boss Medusa (Spawn of Clamness): 150 WCoins
Boss Selupan (Raklion): 300 WCoins
Boss Silvester (Uruk Mountain): 300 WCoins
Boss Core Magriffy (Nars): 300 WCoins
Boss Lord of Ferea (Ferea): 300 WCoins
Boss Nix (Nixie Lake): 300 WCoins
Boss God of Darkness (Swamp of Darkness): 500 WCoins

How to earn Goblin Points?

Every hour spent in the game gives you 80 Goblin Points
Every character restart gives you 400 Goblin Points
Kundun (500)
Balgass (1000)
Selupan (1000)
Medusa (500)
Lord Silvester (1000)
Core Magriffy (1000)
Lord of Ferea (1500)
Nix (1500)
God of Darkness (2000)

Top Players
# Name Class Level ML Resets GR
1 Summoner Dimension Summoner 1 1,150 67 204
2 darkhorse Empire Lord 400 643 19 131
3 sword Mystic Knight 1 400 19 129
4 WhiteBall Noble Elf 400 1,200 90 117
5 OPTIMIST Noble Elf 400 1,200 71 108
Top Guilds
# Name Mark Members CS / IWV wins
1 CHAMPION41 4 / 31
2 OVERLORD56 3 / 20
3 GODS50 3 / 2
4 VlETNAM33 2 / 26
5 REAPERS33 1 / 12


Events Invasions/Bosses Specials

14 Unique Classes

Leading Guilds  Events


Castle siege



Ice Wind Valley



Arka War


Castle Siege


Ice Wind Valley


Arka War

Coming Soon